Preventative Maintenance

A well-planned maintenance program, with regularly scheduled maintenance at recommended intervals, is essential to ensure reliability, engine life and maximum ROI in any power generation equipment. This approach also minimizes downtime, as operators can arrange to have backup power while the primary unit is being serviced.

Reasons you need a preventative maintenance program for your business:

  • Avoid unnecessary, costly repairs
  • Eliminate damage caused by deferred maintenance
  • Minimize loss of revenue due to unplanned downtime

Regularly scheduled maintenance does more than protect your investment and operating continuity. Unavoidable failures that may occur during operation usually become evident during a load test or inspection when the generator is not being used.

Load Bank Testing

For companies wanting to safeguard uninterrupted performance during critical operations, load bank testing is a service that should not be overlooked.

Load bank services ensure generator performance reliability under any load condition. Worldwide Power Products offers load bank testing as a standalone service to customers wishing to have their own power generation equipment tested on demand, either in the field or our own location. Load bank testing is required for all life safety standby generators.

Fuel Management, Analysis & Filtering

During scheduled maintenance visits, Worldwide Power Products can also refuel or top off your tanks with high-quality fuel from the industry’s most reliable sources. We also offer optional fuel analysis, sampling, and treatment for contamination as an optional service with each visit. Worldwide Power Products can also offer all of the above services in a turnkey package.